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Ben Elo Memorialized in Scholarship, Soccer Camp

The Ben Elo Soccer Camp had 153 athletes compete in 2015's program. Photo credit: Emily Metheny

When you want to set up a fund for a loved one, how do you raise money to do it? The Elo family solved this question seven years ago when they hosted the first Ben Elo Memorial Soccer Camp in Mooresville. 

“We were suggested to come to the foundation and then it was like, ok, how do we raise enough for a scholarship that will go on for a while? That’s where the idea for a soccer camp came from, specifically because he loved soccer,” said Melanie Elo, Ben's mother. “He wanted to play at Notre Dame. He wanted to play professionally. He played at a very high level, so it was kind of a natural fit to make that the fundraiser to primarily fund the scholarship but now some other things as well.”

Congratulations Morgan County Lilly Endowment Community Scholars!

2016 Morgan County Lilly Endowment Community Scholar, Kayden Mathers:

Left to Right: Dustin Adams, Eminence Community Schools K-12 Assistant Principal; Quinten Mathers, Kayden’s brother; Rana Mathers, Kayden’s mother; Kayden Mathers, 2016 Lilly Scholar; Corey Scott, Eminence Community Schools K-12 Principal; Jeff Gibboney, Eminence Community Schools Superintendent; and, Hannah Sitz, CFMC Program Officer.

2016 Morgan County Lilly Endowment Community Scholar, Madelynne Wright:

Left to Right: Mike Springer, Monrovia Junior - Senior High School Principal; Hannah Sitz, CFMC Program Officer; Terry Wright, Madelynne’s Father; Madelynne Wright, 2016 Lilly Endowment Scholar; Dawn Sullivan-Wright, Madelynne’s Mother; Joanie Stader, Guidance Counselor; and, Dr. William Roberson, Monroe-Gregg School District Superintendent.
To learn more about the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship and it's impact on Morgan County scholars, please read this blog post.