Guest Article: County Plans to Tackle Unhealthy Trends

by Bryan Ault

When the CFMC Executive Director, Ed Kominowski, returned to Morgan County two years ago from a job in Florida, he met with Shay Dawson, the director of Bradford Woods. Dawson gave Kominowski a tour of the property off Ind. 67, which sees more than 20,000 guests per year, 800 children with disabilities or chronic illnesses and 5,000 elementary school children.

The two had lunch and sparked a conversation about reversing the area’s unhealthy trends.

“We both shared a passion for helping the community, especially the kids and families of Morgan County,” Dawson said.

“People have a view of Bradford Woods and know that it exists, but it’s not something that most people go or have access to every day,” Kominowski said.

The Pediatric Health Institute at Bradford Woods was born out of that conversation...  READ MORE at the Reporter Times.

Reporter Times

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