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Farmers' Market brings local products, fun to the community

Morgan County Farmers Market
Scenes from the Morgan County Farmers' Market during the first Martinsville market of the 2016 season (left),
2016 Earth Day Celebrations in Jimmy Nash Park (center), and the Mooresville market in 2014 (right).
Photo & Layout Credit: Danie M. Becknell

Before the the farmers' market officially formed in 2009, a “loose association of vendors” gathered and sold their produce and goods on Saturday mornings on the Morgan County Courthouse Square.

“Our principal goal is to bring attention to local food and it's importance in the local economy,” said Bob Elliott, president of the Morgan County Farmers' Market Association (MCFMA) board. “People don't realize that 90% of the food they eat in Indiana is trucked in from across the country, and unfortunately, as an agricultural state, that's not good.”

Local food is fresher, and that means they have more nutrients, Elliott said. Local, fresh food tastes better, and is better for you. Elliott added the prices might seem higher than those at a grocery store, but the product is of much better quality.

Lilly Endowment $1 Million Match Met!

We are excited to announce that a total of $2 million was raised through the generosity of the Lilly Endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) program. More than 1,000 Morgan County residents, businesses and community organizations, as well as donors throughout the region, came together during an 18-month match period to raise $1 million to match the Lilly Endowment's $1 million donation. These funds will directly impact the quality of life in Morgan County.

Of the total $2 million in donations, $1 million will support two CFMC endowment funds. The Evergreen Operating Endowment helps to ensure the long-term success of the community foundation’s management and operations, while the Common Wealth Endowment Fund provides grants to enrich the lives of Morgan County residents.

Fifty-three individual funds benefited from $1 million in donations during the 18-month cycle of the Lilly Endowment match. Funds were distributed between programs that benefited youth (14%), health related programming (10%), poverty assistance (9%), educational services (5%), scholarships (5%), veteran services (5%), environment and recreational programs (1%), and historic preservation (1%). Of the 1,040 donors who stepped up in support, 219 donated two or more times, often 3 or more times.

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Guest Editorial: Honoring mom on her special day by Bob Goodrum, Wellspring

From left to right: Mike Sampiere; Pat Moneymaker; Steve Gerber, former executive director of Coordinating Aging Services of Morgan County; Ed Kominowksi, executive director of the CFMC; and Bob Goodrum, executive director of the Wellspring Center.

Note: This column originally ran in the Martinsville Reporter's Times. Click here to read it on their website

Today, our thoughts turn to mom.

For me, those are pleasant thoughts, ones that will bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes. I’ve been blessed to have a mom who is still married to my dad after 51 years. She helped me with my homework, cheered for me at my games, corrected me when I got off course and has been mentor and friend.

Not everyone in our community can relate to my childhood. Theirs is marred by absentee parents, moving from place to place just ahead of the rent collectors, abuse, neglect and apathy. The scars of their childhoods are still visible today. To cope with the pain, many have turned to drugs, alcohol and a whole host of self-medicating habits.