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Ready Set Quit Tobacco Works With the Community to Better the Community

Polly Amy, creator of the Parents Against Youth Smoking Scholarship, meets with the freshman class of Eminence High School. After explaining the scholarship, students pledge to never use tobacco and are entered to win a scholarship that will be chosen on Senior Honor Day their senior year. Photo credit: Emily Metheny
When a small group of dedicated people get together to support a cause, big things can happen. The Ready Set Quit Tobacco Coalition began in February 2008 when a group of concerned citizens decided to take action, and work together to lower the 29% adult smoking rate in the Morgan County community. An Indiana State Department of Health – Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission grant supported the creation of the coalition, and they were able to plan their attack.

“We stated talking to folks in the community about what we could do to reduce tobacco use,” said Jennifer Walker, director of the Ready Set Quit Tobacco Coalition. The group spent the first year creating the organization’s foundation and reaching out to “key players” in the community, such as health care providers, business leaders, and more. The group wanted anyone and everyone who had an interest in health and the prevention of tobacco use at the table.