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Healthier Morgan County Initiative Pushes For Long Term Changes In Community

The Healthier Morgan County Initiative held the Quality of Life & Wellness Fair in June at the Mooresville High School with activities and information for the entire family. Photo credit: Emily Metheny
Change is not something that can happen overnight, especially when habits are concerned. The Healthier Morgan County Initiative, a response that grew out of a study of residents’ health and welfare in the county, is working to make those long term changes.

Charles “Bud” Swisher, of the initiative, said it has been a slow process because one of the program’s greatest problems is public apathy when it comes to changing engrained habitats.

“We have to accept the fact, although we don’t like to do that, is that change is a long term proposition.We don’t see immediate results in some of the program areas that we are looking at, but we are still very confident that given enough time we will be able to change the cultural habits here in our community,” Swisher said.

Since the coalition’s creation in 2006, the Healthier Morgan County Initiative has created a large “advisory board” of citizen from different backgrounds and disciplines from all parts of the county.

“We meet regularly to look at the data and look at what programs to develop,” Swisher said.