#GivingTuesday Gives Greater to Morgan County Christmas Assistance Program

This year marked the fourth annual Giving Tuesday Campaign. This international day of giving follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, so on this day people are invited to give back to their community, to #GiveGreater. Early results released on December 2nd showed that $116.7 million dollars was raised globally this year.

Danie M. Becknell, CFMC
Communications Officer, with Henry
Timms, creator of #GivingTuesday
In October, CFMC Communications Officer, Danie M. Becknell, had the opportunity to attend two talks presented by Henry Timms, the creator of #GivingTuesday and the Executive Director of the 92nd Street Y in New York City. Timms was the 2015 Lake Distinguished Visitor, a program funded through the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Timms encouraged Danie to find a project that would have special importance to the those who call Morgan County home, and launch a campaign. Timms also, adamantly urged Becknell to find a matching donor who would support their campaign, and his advice more than paid off.

For the first time, the Community Foundation of Morgan County began a #GivingTuesday campaign. The goal was to raise $2,500 in support of the Morgan County Christmas Assistance Program, a project facilitated by Churches in Mission. Through a dollar-for-dollar match from Citizens Bank, the CFMC planned to raise $5,000 for Morgan County families in need.

Churches in Mission has wanted to extend this program county-wide for many years, and this year that hope became a reality. Alice Cordes, Executive Director of Churches in Mission, said the organization was ready to open the program county-wide after the Martinsville branch of the organization opened in the fall.

“This year, we were really stressed, wondering how we were going to do a county-wide assistance program,” Cordes said. The organization hoped to serve approximately 500-600 families this season. Cordes said the opportunity was there, so they decided to open the program to families in need throughout the county.

“We try to provide as much joy and love as possible to families,” Cordes said. The amount that Churches in Mission can give is dependent of how much they are given in donations.

“It made sense that we would partner with [the CFMC and Citizens Bank],” Cordes said. “ The community foundation just did an incredible job of getting the word out, [and] getting a match for  donations.”

By the end of Giving Tuesday, which fell on December 1st this year, donations totaled more than $10,000, and with the Citizens Bank match the grand total was more than $12,620.

“I was absolutely stunned by the amount of money that was raised,” Cordes said. “I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The needs are met one way or another, but it was such a blessing.”

Cordes said raising the $2,500, and getting the Citizens Bank match would have been great, but the fact that community members came together to donate more than $10,000 was amazing. It all comes back to the heart and giving of our community.

“What an amazing community this is that opens its heart every time it needs to [in order to to assist] those in need,” Cordes said. “We receive the thanks for all we can do, but we couldn't do it without the community's support

With the funds, Churches in Mission provided a holiday dinner, a large toy for each child, stocking stuffers, a gift basket for each adult, clothing, a new book for each child, and a family gift.

“For the children, it's all about the gifts, but for us, it's about the love of Christ and sharing His love with everyone,” Cordes said. “We want to make sure the whole family can share in that joy, can share in that love.”

Thanks to the generosity of our Morgan County community this year's Christmas Assistance Program really did go from #GoodToGreater!

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For further details on the CFMC #GivingTuesday Campaign please visit this page.

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