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Hall Civic Haunts Your Dreams

Randy Marsh, founder and president of the Hall Civic Association, poses with the sign in front of the building.
Photo credit: Emily Metheny

Sometimes when you see something you like and it means a lot to you, you try to save it. Well, Randy Marsh, the founder and president of the Hall Civic Association, did just that.

Marsh has been working to save the 1911 Hall School building outside of Monrovia, a structure on the National Registry of Historic Places.

“I wanted to save the old building,” said Marsh said. “You know, you can't restore [and] save everything, but this is one building we thought we could save.”

Marsh formed the association in 2004, but did not gain control of the building until 2010. Before that, the building was on a 99 year lease from the Monroe Greg School District. The utilities began to cost too much and put too much an economically burden on the schools. After years of planning and different superintendents, the association received the building.

 In 2014, Randy Marsh received the Servaas Memorial Award from Indiana Landmarks in the individual category (there are also "youth-serving" and "non-profit" categories). This award was granted to Marsh as he has proven to be an "unstoppable force for preservation in Morgan County and the human super glue who cements relationships" (Indiana Landmarks, Prestigious preservation prizes go to three Indiana winners, 09/17/2014).