Poverty in Morgan County

Nearly 7,500 residents of Morgan County live in poverty, 3,000 of which are children. That's more than 10% of the population of Morgan County; significantly higher than the poverty rates in surrounding rural counties.

To create an environment where individuals can escape poverty and where families and businesses can thrive, community leaders in rural areas must look for ways to reduce or compensate for these limitations through broad initiatives that emphasize education and job creation, but also create hands-on measures and strategies that will help people meet basic needs.

Bearing this in mind, the Community Foundation of Morgan County is continuing to work with local and national organizations in order to help everyone who calls Morgan County home live a life free of the effects of poverty. These efforts include the management of approximately 180 funds for local non-profits and community groups, as well as our annual impact grant making program that has helped a number of non-profit organizations serving our community continue their good works through ongoing services.

Want to learn more about poverty in Morgan County? Visit our website for links, resources, and statistics. You can also donate to help ensure the continuance of our evolving annual grant making program. Thanks to the generosity of the Lilly Endowment matching grant, all donations towards our grant program will be matched $1-for-$1.

Click here to donate $25. Your gift will be matched by the Lilly Endowment's generous matching grant.

Interested in other giving opportunities? Call us toll-free today at 1-855-280-3095 and ask to speak with Larry Bryan, our Director of Advancement, or, send him an email.

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