A Season for Generosity & Compassion

It likely would not surprise you that we all have very common ideas on helping others and lending a hand to someone we know, or even a stranger in need.

As the individuals who make up our community,

we have tremendous power to make a difference.

Each day, we are challenged with making decisions based on our moral and religious beliefs as to how we should interact with each other. So what can we share with you about the Spirit of Giving that you already do not experience yourself?

If it were possible that each of the over 70,000 residents of our county provided just $1 of unrestricted support to the Community Foundation of Morgan County, on an annual basis, more than $100,000 would be available to grant directly to non-profit groups and organizations that provide children's programming, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and nourish the sick.

This year you can do more...

Thanks to the generosity of the Lilly Endowment, every $1 that we receive in unrestricted support is matched by another $1 from our Matching Grant. A doubling of every dollar contributed is truly a great way to make a difference in our community.

Please consider making a year-end private gift of $25.00 to the Community Foundation of Morgan County. If you feel that you can give a greater gift, your support would be a contribution in place of someone not able to do more in our community.

Click here to donate $25. Your gift will be matched by the Lilly Endowment's generous matching grant.

Every year, during this Holiday Season, we entertain our family, friends, loved ones and guests from a Thanksgiving dinner to anticipation of Christmas, Hanukkah and the drop of a ball for a New Year's Eve celebration. Enjoy this special time of year with those important to you!

It is you who makes the difference.

Ed Kominowski,
Executive Director

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